Creed Green Irish Tweed Review

Perfumes and colognes have been a part of high society for centuries. Representing nobility and ease, the slight, subtle, and mysterious tones provided by colognes have interested many. Having provided perfumes to the English Royal Family since at least the 1700’s, Creed is an ancient company that has made it’s existence in providing only the best. Including a clientele of famous individuals like Queen Victoria and the family has been passed down for generations.

In doing so, the practice of weighing and mixing the ingredients by hand has resulted in signature scents that are found no where else. So, compared to such a legacy, how does their new Creed Green Irish Tweed By Creed compare? Let’s take a moment to find out.

A Company Like No Other

Within the perfume world, Creed is often considered one of the best kept secrets when it comes to cologne for men brands. Having spent centuries serving nobility, their products are created in a way that has all but disappeared in our modern world. Now selling to the world, Creed has a range of scents to choose from, including their most recent inclusion, Creed Green Irish Tweed By Creed.

Creed Green Irish Tweed

Creed Green Irish Tweed By Creed

Creed has a notable scent that manages to be both strong and subtle at the same time, it is rich, spicy, and green. An unforgettable scent, it is crisp without being overpowering. Classified as woody/fresh, the scent brings to mind tailored tuxedos and a lifestyle where excitement is guaranteed. Creed Green Irish Tweed is often compared to Spice and Wood as well as Himalaya.

The Creed bottle reflects in its design the general allusiveness of the brand. While widely respected, the bottle (like the company) is toned down. With a matt finish in black and the pressed oval container is very subtle. The only parts without a matt finish are the wording and the raised section for the logo. Easy to store, the bottle feels smooth in your hands and the cap is both easy to use and adorned with the logo of the brand at the top.

Product Details & Ingredients

The bottle contains 4 oz. of cologne and will weigh 12.8 oz. shipped. It measures in at 4 inches by 4 inches by 3 inches in size. Along with the 4 oz. container, Creed also sells this cologne in 1 oz., 2.5 oz., 8.4 oz., and 17 oz. containers depending on your need. A bestseller for the brand, you can find Creed Green Irish Tweed By Creed sold in numerous places such as Amazon here.

The ingredients for Creed Green Irish Tweed By Creed are broken down by the intensity of their various notes. Top notes include Florentine, iris, and French verbena. Middle notes include violet leaves. Base notes of the cologne include ambergris and sandalwood from Mysore. Together, the ingredients come together to provide a perfume that is found no where else.

User Reviews

Individuals who purchase Creed Green Irish Tweed By Creed loved the unique scent as well as the legacy that surrounds the Creed name. Shipped quickly, people typically received their order prior to the estimated arrival date. While many people love the Creed brand, they are hesitant to buy online.

There are several different counterfeit companies that produce Creed knockoff products. As a result, be careful where you purchase from. As a final consideration, know that Creed creates its cologne in a manner that is not done by other companies. As a result, it has a better chance of wilting sooner. Be sure to use within the first few months to a year of getting it.

Pros & Cons

• A unique and powerful scent
• An aroma that attracts the ladies
• Well packaged and shipped quickly

• Shelf-life: Will wilt with age
• There are a lot of counterfeit Creed products online
• Among the most expensive colognes you can purchase

  • Scent Longevity - 9/10
  • Sex Appeal - 7/10
  • Bottle Design - 7.5/10
  • Fragrance Quality - 9.5/10

Summary of Creed Green Irish Tweed

Creed has an incredible legacy for a brand. Continuing that legacy, the Creed Green Irish Tweed By Creed provides another generation with a fantastic scent profile that is found no where else.

Due to its relative obscurity as one of the best and unknown brands of cologne out there, Creed has suffered some issues with counterfeit products that you will have to watch out for. That being said, if you are purchasing directly from them or at a store, you are in for a fantastic cologne. For those who are experienced with cologne and want something to impress, Creed Green Irish Tweed By Creed should be your top choice.

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