How To Wear Cologne Like A Boss!

After scouring over what seems like hundreds of cologne reviews and eventually choosing a cologne is only half the job. Once you’ve picked out that elusive cologne, knowing how to wear cologne correctly is what will seal the deal and ultimately turn you into the best smelling man around town.

Have you ever suddenly smelt a cologne in the air that seems to have come from nowhere, capturing your attention? Did that scent trigger memories, maybe that hot girlfriend you had back at college? Or maybe that douche at work who wears enough cologne to bring tears to your eyes every time he walks past?

Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses we have when it comes to creating new memories or remembering old ones. So making sure you know where to spray cologne correctly is going to ensure you make the right impression and more importantly you’re not forgotten!

How To Wear Cologne

How To Apply Cologne

To help prevent more guys at work drenching themselves in Old Spice, there are a handful of unwritten rules that every man should take on-board when it comes to applying cologne. So guys, consider this your crash-course on how to wear cologne like a boss!

1. Apply Cologne When You’re Clean

Admit it, at some point guys you’ve changed the definition of cologne from a character-enhancing scent to a stink cover-up remedy. You know it, I know it, that’s a terrible idea and it simply doesn’t work – men’s cologne isn’t Febreze!

The best time to apply cologne is when you are clean, ideally from just coming out of the shower, when your skin is clean, fresh, and oil free. After a warm shower the pores on your skin are also open which will help to lock-in the cologne and in-turn will keep you smelling better for longer.

A common method used by men (you know who your are) to mask the sweaty smell of clothes is to douse the clothes in cologne. This often backfires and you tend to end up smelling like a sweaty gym sock. Sure, there might be a hint of cologne wafting from your clothes, but more often than not when cologne is mixed with sweat it turns into some other scent that smells more bad than it does good.

2. Easy Does It (less Is More)

When it comes to colognes less is more. The best way to ensure you are not over doing it with you cologne application is to remember this simple phrase “two sprays or two places”. It might be tempting to pour half a bottle over your entire body, but trust me you’ll end up like that overpowering cologne douche at work!

Two sprays: If you are using a spray men’s cologne, spray the cologne into the air and then walk into it, turn around and repeat, and you’re all set.

Two places: The wrist and the neck are the best places to apply colognes. Apply cologne onto one wrist and then gently rub your wrists together to help spread the scent. A second great place to apply cologne is on your neck, I prefer to apply a couple of drops onto the palm of my hands after shaving and then rub around my neck (sides and back).

To be honest that’s all you really need, if you want to go one step further you can also apply a little cologne to you heart area on your chest, but anything else is unnecessary.

3. Mix Colognes And Scents With Caution (You’ve Been Warned)

Inadvertent mixing of colognes can catch you by surprise. Most of the time you actually forget that your daily routine inundates you with different scents and fragrances. Take your shower gel, the label probably boasts that it’s scented and formulated to keep you fresh all day long, go on check it.

The deodorant you then apply directly after your shower is probably heavily scented too and lets not forget that morning shave with your scented shaving foam. Are you starting to get an idea of how you are inadvertently mixing different scents without even knowing it?

You really have to pay close attention and take stock of all the different fragrances you’re applying throughout your day. All these other fragrances need to be taken into consideration when you’re selecting your cologne.

I recommend switching to unscented deodorants, shaving foams, shower gels etc. and let your cologne do the work. Don’t worry you’ll still smell fresh, but people will smell your expensive cologne rather than your Right Guard deodorant!

4. Change Your Cologne With The Seasons

I find that many men choose their favorite cologne then stick with it, often scared to venture from their signature scent. Hey, there is nothing wrong with that, you’ve found what you like and your sticking with it. But with all the different colognes to choose from these days you really are missing out.

That signature cologne of yours might smell great in the winter months but not so good in the warmer months. The fact is, some colognes simply don’t belong in certain temperatures and seasons.

Confused? Okay, here’s an example: A crisp, citrusy, light cologne isn’t the best option for the colder months it’s much better worn in the warm, sunny months of the year.

On the other-hand, a woodsy, bold, and spicy cologne is going to be your best bet for the colder months. Lets be honest you have probably caught a mouthful of a musky colognes during a summer BBQ and thought to yourself that it’s far too strong, right? So you get the idea!

5. You Are What You Eat!

A long night with the guys slurping on beers and munching on garlic pizza is going to leave you smelling like a hobo the following morning, no matter how much cologne you splash on your body.

We’ve all heard that “you are what you eat”, right? When when it comes to smelling fresh this is very true. What we eat will find a way out, and in most cases the easiest route is through our skin via the pores.

As you sweat that beer and poor food choices will mix with your cologne on your body and you could find yourself in an uncomfortable position (someone say stinky!). The chances of that second date are now looking slim, lets be honest no one likes to smell like a hobo!

Final Thoughts on How to Wear Cologne

Hopefully after reading this you’ll have a better idea of where to apply cologne, and how to smell like a boss. Remember less is more (trust me it is) and if you find that you simply stink no matter how much cologne you apply, its time to jump in the shower and change those socks!

I’ll leave you with one last tip. If any of you  reading this have oily skin you will find that colognes will last longer than those of you with dryer skin. If your skin is dry it’s perfectly fine to reapply cologne after midday.

Now armed with this new information you’re ready to get out there smelling simply irresistible. Go knock ’em dead, Stud.

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