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Colognes and perfumes have delighted and engaged people for centuries. Providing a mysteriously alluring fragrance that turns heads, they have provided subtle meaning in a range of different contexts. Produced by some of the most recognizable names in fashion, there is a great deal of competition in the market.

Finding the right colognes for you may be challenging. With that in mind, we include below a complete review of the Versace Eros Eau de Toilette Spray. How does the cologne perform against similarly branded scents and will it be able to live up to reputation of Versace? Let’s take a moment to find out.


Founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace, the Versace brands has made a name for itself providing upmarket Italian-made leather and ready-to-wear accessories. Known for its flashy prints and bright colors, Versace has expanded its line of products in diverse markets to include things like jeans as well as colognes. If nothing else, Versace has done a great job producing products that people prize. Utilizing the Medusa as their logo, the company hopes that all who gaze upon their Versace Eros Eau de Toilette spray for men will not look away.

versace eros

Versace Eros Eau de Toilette Spray

Continuing the legacy of the brand through their new cologne for men, Versace Eros Eau de Toilette spray manages to stand up to the already high expectations for the product quite well. Recommended for daily wear, the cologne has a composition that seeks to balance sweet and salty notes of sea water. Adding to this are subtle nuances of warmth tied in harmony the overall composition of the cologne. Made from a list of high quality materials, the cologne manages to draw out memories of joyful summer days and evenings along the beach.

In addition to the cologne within the bottle, the bottle is its own work of art. Utilizing the trademark Medusa seen repeated on various products in the brand, the cologne comes in an emerald green container with geometric patterning and the logo engraved right on. Matched by a beautiful emerald lid and undertones of gold both in the title and sides of the bottle, you will have a beautiful container perfect on any dresser or night stand.

Product Details & Ingredients

The shipping weight of the bottle is 12.8 ounces and it measures in at 5 inches by 7 inches by 9 inches. Containing 3.4 fluid ounces of cologne, it is the largest container offered by Versace with this fragrance profile. Other bottles include a 1 ounce and a 0.17 fl. oz. contain. Be aware that shipping may take extra time due to federal regulations.

Priced at $49.29 (at the time of writing) for the 3.4 fluid ounce size, Versace is providing their cologne at a steal compared to other well known and equally niche colognes. Catering towards those who recognize the brand and the quality included, Versace has offered their cologne at a lower than average price in part to drive up interest and demand. Significantly better price wise than the 1 oz. container (only $17 cheaper for far less content), the 3.4 fluid ounce size provides plenty of use.

A full ingredient list is as followed. Top note ingredients include mint, green apple, and lemon. Mid note ingredients include ambroxan, geranium, and tonka bean. Base note ingredients include vetiver, cedar, oak moss, and vanilla. The best way to store the cologne without ingredients breaking down is to keep the bottle in a cool, dry place out of direct sun.

User Reviews

Overall the user reviews rate Versace Eros Eau de Toilette very highly. With an above 4.5 stars out of 5, there are many aspects of the cologne that people like. First, due to the strength of the aroma, people enjoy how only small amounts have to be used to achieve the necessary scent profile. While many people love the scent, be aware that it can be over powering if you are either not accustomed to it or end up making the mistake of using too much of it. That being said, everyone enjoyed how quickly it was delivered.

Pro & Cons

• Attractive scent
• Well-priced
• Can be used over an extended period of time thanks to its strength and quantity
• Enjoyed especially during the summer and spring
• Fast delivery time

• Can be overpowering
• A few people really dislike the scent
• You have to end up spending more to buy the 3.4 oz. in order to get your moneys worth

  • Scent Longevity - 8/10
  • Sex Appeal - 8.5/10
  • Bottle Design - 8/10
  • Fragrance Quality - 9/10

Summary of Versace Eros

While a few people are generally turned off by the scent profile, the majority of individuals who made the purchase are more than happy with what they bought. If you are new to cologne or are looking for something respectable, then consider Versace.

Keeping to their legacy of quality as a company, they have provided a product well worth the Medusa logo and your consideration.

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